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        Kevin air show ride with TV Ch 7.

  Shit Happens photos Old Military photos   SKYJACK DUI

 Not a good sign when belly of AC fills the viewfinder

Great F15 movie with Van Halen

Aircraft Icing Video

Wright Brothers demonstrating their plane in Italy in 1909.

XXX rated outside air temperature sensor

FedEx inbound to their hub while dodging a thunderstorm

TOMCAT Tribute (Cool Video)

Bob Hoover doing his best.  Even pouring Ice Tea during a roll.

Great video of Oracle BI plane in action. click on "Team oracle extreme" on the right side 

eject eject Thunderbird pilot in action (large file)

   AC130_Gunship.wmv    USA Testar Svensk Anti-Stridsvagn Missil.mpeg    Aviation - Military - Airplane - C130 AngelDecoys.

   military - IRAQ 2 armored veh hit with guided missle.mpg    f18-soundbarrier.mpg   Apache Gunship

    $27.00 Hovercraft in operation  also (How to build your own)

    Videos from September 11 disaster

        1st plane   2nd plane  2nd plane view 2  Bush speaking  Building collapsing. 

Free download of quick time player for movies

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