The ongoing adventures of NIBBLER the traveling squirrel!


Nibbler telling jokes to Lorie, David
and Nan at Port Saint Joe campground.

Nibbler went horseback riding at WalWart


January 2017

Chief Nibbler cooking steaks for David and Lory at Port St. Joe camping trip.10/1/17

After dinner, Nibbler stole a paddle board and went surfing. 10/2/17

Nibbler the Lumberjack. The tree was felled perfectly, cut and stacked with care. If only Nibbler had double checked for the correct address. 10/7/17

Nibbler was hit by a Smart Car

Nibbler and hurricane Hermine Sept, 2016

Hermine caused power outages for relatives. Nibbler came to the rescue

Nibbler gets eaten by a bird

Vacation to GA, August 2016








July 2016 Nibbler on the Boat "WET SPOT" at Shell Island Florida.
Nibbler refused to board the vessel without his life jacket.



Nibbler was caught fishing in the neighbors goldfish pond!

July 15-2016


Nibbler Voting for the President


Santa has a cold so Nibbler jumped in!



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